Chemical Regulations

Chemical regulations are constantly coming up from countries & industries. Most of those regulations are frequently changes number of substances and their threshold limits.

It is always challenaging for all companies for face these changes. We’re here for keep you updated for all A-Z regulation addition / amedments.

Below is list of selective regulations , but trust us this is tip of iceberg. For whole list of checmical regulations we support, please contact us
The researchers are working in a chemical laboratory.

Compliance Testing

There are number of cases when you will requited to approch. Third party testing lab for compliance testing

At AZCS we can help you by three different ways here

There are few materials which always compliant for certain list of regulations, since banned substances NIL due to chemical principles.
AZCS expert team will help for identify those materials in your products and save your cost / time for positve complianc testing.

There are cases where grade anayslis more economic than few compliance testing. AZSC expert team will help for determine which/when/where grade anaylsis required.
This will save up-to 20-30% of compliance testing cost.

We have collaboration with world’s best laboratories for compliance testing, grade anaylsis which will save your 20-30% costing on testing.

Supplier Engagement and documents processing

AZCS has solution oriented supplier engagement program ( SEP ) in which client’s suppliers join positively.
We offer document collection automation process via IDP in which clients need to pay for only documents recevied from their suppliers.

Lets have look on below different steps in supplier engagement program

From above listed program steps you can select one ore multiple services as and when required.